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Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Our Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting services offer solutions to a wide range of situations including and also outwith typical day-to-day drainage related tasks.

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting is an economical and environmentally responsible way to carry out a wide variety of typical and routine cleansing tasks. Whether it be the clearing of blocked pipeworks through to the general surface cleansing of drainage assets, our high pressure water jetting is the ideal solution.

We can handle all forms of general blockages through to more agressively choked pipeworks and drainage assets. Our UHP water jetting units come fully equipped with a wide variety of resources including top of the range industrial jetting heads designed to handle even the most stubborn forms of blockages.

We can also provide cleansing services to almost any form of surface types such as external walls, roofing surfaces, or various ground surfaces such as timber, concrete, tarmac, etc.

At EEG, we offer UHP water jetting at pressures of up to 36,000psi, enabling industrial processes to be carried out quickly and economically.

Some examples of our industrial services includes:

  • Metal Surface Preparation - before coating treatment to the HB 2.5 standard
  • Tube Bundle Cleansing
  • Non-man Entry Vessel Cleansing
  • Steel or Concrete Cutting

For routine drainage cleansing and maintenance we have a wide range of units available for providing these services, each with varying degrees of capabilities depending on the circumstances and situations presented.

Our range of UHP Water Jetting units consists of:

  • Rioned and Cityflex Units
    These units are perfect for urban environments or residential areas due to their compact size and easier maneuverability. Capable of providing jetting and/or also suction functionality these units offer great flexibility especially when working in enclosed environments such as back lanes, car parks, or various other forms of enclosed spaces with limited access.
  • Medium or High Volume Jet-Vac Units
    Our range of jet-vac units offer a more comprehensive and powerful solution with regards to sewer and pipeline cleansing. Commonly used on a daily basis for the ongoing maintenance of the UK's drainage infrastructure, these units are capable of handling much higher volumes of jetting and suction work. For more challenging situations it is typical that we will deploy High Volume Jet Vacs aiming for first time resolution to any drainage cleansing tasks.
  • Recycler Units
    Recycling units come at a higher cost but return that value over time, in essence they are ideal for prolonged work activity. Our Recyclers are powerful units similar to our High Volume Jet Vacs with the main difference being that they have the capability to recycle water within the pipeline to continuously power their jetting functionality. This process offers a more environmentally efficient service due to the reduced use of water but it also saves you downtime when this unit is on site as it does not need to take time out to refill due to an exhausted water supply.

We also offer a multitude of surface cleansing solutions specifically for larger surface areas, some examples of this include:

  • Cleansing of airport standing areas
  • Cleansing of container terminals
  • Porous asphalt cleansing of roadways
  • Stadium car park cleansing
  • Motorway spillages
  • Site road cleansing

Our vehicle fleet includes mounted surface cleansing machines, incorporating spinning jet heads to produce a two metre cleansing path. Powered by the on-board high pressure jetting unit, the jet heads are capable of removing rubber at a rate of up to 2,000m2 per hour.

We also offer small, portable units delivering lower pressures for general surface cleaning, while some of our latest equipment incorporates units that work at pressures of up to 3,000 bar to remove paint and rust and restore surfaces to bare metal.

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