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No-dig Pipe Remediation

EEG offers cost-effective no-dig rehabilitation solutions for drains, sewers, and pipes using both patching and also full lining techniques.

Using data gathered from CCTV Inspections, CCTV surveys, or from the general cleansing of assets, our teams will typically identify potential or current defects and recommend a number of optional solutions towards achieving successful rehabilitation of the asset. Most of our rehabilitation solutions are aimed towards using innovative trenchless techniques where possible in order to reduce the overall cost and reduced disruption to the local environment and surroundings.

Our expertise and experience in repairing defects without the need for excavation has established us as one of the UK’s leading specialists in patching and full length lining solutions. Unless a drain or sewer has collapsed, most leaks and cracks can be resolved via patching or lining. This effective solution saves time, money and disruption over traditional trenching techniques.

Benefits of Patching:

Patch lining involves preparing a polyeurethane resin-based liner to the size of the pipe system, which is then wrapped around an inflatable stopper. Once in place, the stopper is inflated to bond the liner into the pipe. Then, once the liner has cured, the stopper is deflated and removed. This leaves the liner to provide a permanent structural repair that is stronger than the pipe alone.

  • Repairs can be carried out on pipes of 100mm to 1,200mm in diameter
  • Minimal disruption to sewer activity
  • Structural point repair enables only the defect to be repaired, without the cost of fully lining the whole pipe
  • Repairs to all types of pipe material are watertight
  • Enables pipework to pass air tests at pre-adoption stage where joints are displaced or open

Other services include:

  • CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining
  • Full-length liners from 100mm to 1,200mm diameter
  • Air inversion lining
  • Small diameter liners from 100mm to 300mm diameter
  • Robotic lateral cutting
  • Cutting to reopen connections from 100mm to 750mm diameter
  • High pressure precision cutting
  • 10,000psi pressure cutting from 150mm to 750mm diameter
  • Manhole sealing
  • All manhole sizes and shapes sealed against infiltration

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If you require any assistance or advice regarding drainage maintenance or are currently experiencing issues with your drainage network please feel free to contact us and our team of experts will guide you forward to a successful resolution.

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