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CCTV Inspections, Surveys, and Investigations

We deliver complete survey packages of underground assets including drains, sewers, boreholes, pipelines, ducts and other hard to access locations.

CCTV is the most cost-effective and least disruptive method of obtaining accurate information on pipeline conditions and underground structural networks. We carry out CCTV surveys on all types of assets such as sewers, water mains, gullies, culverts, chimneys and flues, process pipework, and much more. Using advanced radio locator equipment, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint surface areas to be excavated for pipeline repairs should there be no other viable alternative solutions available.

Surveys are invaluable in determining structural conditions as well as identifying and locating cross-connections, overflows, corrosion, and blockages. Where necessary, our fully trained confined space man-entry teams can deliver full surveys of larger structures, such as deep culverts and tunnels.

Our survey reports use industry standard Wincan Software to provide customers with a fully detailed and comprehensive computerised report. A full record of the survey, including live CCTV footage for each report is provided electronically in a format to suit the needs of our customers.

For locations that are more awkward to access we can provide off-road facilities that are capable of carrying CCTV equipment allowing surveys to be carried out successfully even in the most remote locations.

We routinely use CCTV inspection equipment on all planned maintenance management agreements.

Key Features of our CCTV Equipment

  • Surveys Compiled & Finalised On-Site
  • Client Specific Digitised Paperwork
  • Full Pan & Rotate Camera
  • Sonar Surveying
  • TISCIT Surveying
  • 10x Optical Zoom Including Auto Focus
  • Laser Measurement of Defects
  • Auto Picture Levelling
  • Remote Height Adjustment
  • Survey up to 500m of Unbroken Pipeline
  • Steerable Camera
  • Pneumatic Seal Calibration
  • Integrated Detector Transmitter
  • GPS Cover Level height

Client or Job Specific Paperwork

Through our experience in digitising paperworks using our on-board CCTV Unit vehicles facilities, we can create full digital packs for each report which may include the following:

  • Manhole Cards
  • Electronically Amended Plans
  • Site Photographs
  • Client Specific Paperwork
  • Remedial Summaries
  • Time Allocation
  • Site Diaries

Real Time Reporting

Our CCTV inspections, surveys, and investigation units offer real time reporting allowing you to see when on-site exactly the conditions of any underground pipeworks or infrastructures. All of our CCTV units come equipped with on-board display screens, printers, DVD burning capabilities, and memory card facilities allowing you to quickly view or transfer reports to other uses if required.

By default, once we have concluded our inspection we will produce a hardcopy report which is also available in a digital PDF format. The report will include our overview of the inspection which will identify any logged defects or faults, including their locations within the pipework. A disk of the full survey will also be provided along with our report allowing you to see at first hand recorded camera footage showing the overall condition of the asset that is being reported on.

Pan & Rotate

Pan & Tilt systems are available from 100mm diameter pipelines upwards. A clock fascia showing the angle is also provided within the video for additional accuracy.

GPS Cover Level Height

We offer cover level height measurement to an accuracy of 20mm.

Sonar Surveying (TISCIT)

Sonar surveys offer the ability to survey the condition of pipelines that are below waterlines. Either used alone for fully submerged pipelines, or else used in conjunction with a CCTV camera for semi-submerged pipelines (the CCTV camera operating above the waterline and the Sonar below the waterline) gives a result of a 360 degree image.

This method commonly known as TISCIT (Total Integrated Sonar & CCTV Inspection Technique) and is capable of inspecting pipelines from 225mm to 4500mm.

10x Optical Zoom

The 10x optical zoom with Auto Focus gives the ability to view beyond a blockage or into a lateral. Depending on the size of the pipeline this can be up to 2 meters. By having this facility we can make a much more accurate assessment of the blockage ahead or the overall condition of the lateral.

Auto Levelling and Remote Height Adjustment

By offering constant levelling your survey will be much easier to view. The remote height facility is also useful when surveying where the water level it too high for a normal camera. A remote raise of the system enables the survey to continue without delay.

Steerable CCTV

The unit itself will rotate on its own axis thanks to the independent drive mechanisms on each wheel. This enables corners to be surveyed with ease.

Integrated Detector Transmitter

This facility can be used when a GPS location is required for any ghost nodes. It increases accuracy for making underground chambers and can be extended to offer more accurate dig and repair scenarios.

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If you require any assistance or advice regarding drainage maintenance or are currently experiencing issues with your drainage network please feel free to contact us and our team of experts will guide you forward to a successful resolution.

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